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Average Cost of Plastering and Rendering in Bristol, UK


The cost of plastering and rendering (or anything related to home purchase and construction) varies extremely widely depending on where in the world you want to live. Home costs are driven entirely by their location and take into account factors such as housing demand, area safety, and size and type of home. If you are planning a move to Bristol and are interested in plastering and rendering for your new home, here’s everything you need to know, for further resources why not try Yelp Bristol plastering services.

Bristol is a city in the United Kingdom, located about a two and a half hour drive west of London. The city has a population of approximately 425,000 people, and a density of over 10,000 people per square mile. It has grown steadily over the course of the 2000’s, with an increase of about 50,000 people between 2001 and 2012. It is one of the major metropolitan areas in England, as it is the sixth most populated city in the country. Although it is cheaper than living in London or many other large European cities, it can still be much more expensive to live here than in many other countries around the world. For example, the cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Bristol averages £812 per month, which is 1030 Euros or 1173 US dollars. Bristol has rich cultural history and a thriving arts scene, which attract many people to move there every year.About Bristol

What is Plastering and Why Is It Important?

Plastering is the process of applying plaster or another finishing material to the wooden framework to create a wall. After the plaster has been properly applied, it is usually covered with paint or wallpaper. It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to create a wall and has been used for hundreds of years. Plastering is essential for your new home because it provides a layer of insulation (which is especially important in England’s chilly winter weather!), and it also is fire proof. Even for a small plaster repair job, it is still important to use a professional plastering service. Many people believe that they can learn to plaster themselves, but the process is actually much more complicated than it appears. Find the right Local plasterer in Bristol.
plastering1Average Costs of Plastering

There are a few different costs to consider when hiring someone to complete plastering and rendering services for you. The first is the cost of the plaster, which is charged either by the room or by the square meter. Depending on how much plastering you need to be done, one pricing scheme may be more cost effective than the other. In Bristol, the average costs of the plaster are £200-£500 for a room, or £5-£15 for a square meter. You will also need to pay for the labour. Labour costs in Bristol for plastering are generally £20-£50 per hour. These costs can vary depending on the difficulty of your job, as well as where in Bristol you are located. Plastering in the dense city center may be more expensive than out in the suburbs. There are over 100 plastering companies to research so why not check out plasterers in Bristol on yellow pages.