Woodworking Tools

201307281624364430Keller Dovetail System

This woodworking tool or system uses two series for its model dovetail jigs. All dovetail jigs come with both the standard dovetail and the straight carbide-tipped industrial bits comes with ball-bearing guides and an illustration to simplify instructions.


Anant Tools

Anant carpentry tools are made from special chrome vanadium steel which originated in India and known for its smoothing plane characteristic.

Sorby Turning Tools

A collection of Robert Sorby. These are designed to create hollows of different forms, shapes and sizes. These are ideally used for designing or decorative purposes.


Spokeshave tool is designed to smoothen wooden rods and shafts. This comes in different designs and uses as well. If you are working on a kayak, this tool is perfect for curving paddles.

Freud tools are perfectly designed for construction and remodeling projects. Its blades are of high performance usually used on the jobsite.